Our mission is to improve the living standards of communities through the construction of indispensable infrastructure starting with renovating buildings, furnishing classrooms and equipping schools with necessary materials; creating a foundation for a modern ICT center enabling quick and easy communication and knowledge pool to benefit the whole community.

Background Information

Simba Friends Foundation is implementing an ambitious initiative dubbed, “Sega Silicon Valley” which will turn Sega village, a remote village of over 10,000 inhabitants located in Ugenya district – 25 km from the Kenya- Uganda border, into a “Silicon Valley” – an African ICT hub comparable, at least in part, to the Silicon Valley in the USA. Sega is a sub-humid tropic zone which is characterized by high incidences of poverty and HIV/AIDs; low educational levels in primary and secondary schools; escalating youth unemployment; over reliance on subsistence farming (thus lack of income generating activities); and unreliable and high cost of Internet connectivity for development purposes. Despite these challenges, we believe that through structured programs, good will and providing opportunities to community members through ICTs, we can produce a critical mass of highly skilled persons who will become the nucleus of the future Sega Silicon Valley, thus turning Sega Village into a Silicon oasis!

Simba Friends Foundation provides well structured programs for poor and socially disadvantaged youth in schools, out-of-school youth, teachers, and participating schools as well as more generally to community members in Kenya to achieve this vision. Exchange programs between Poland and Kenya ensures technical skills transfer and inter-cultural learning. Primary and secondary schools have been computerized, infrastructure upgraded, IT skills developed among the youth, business process outsourcing will be introduced, a local CISCO Academy has been established, health care facilities will be improved, agricultural and other livelihood activities have been introduced for self-reliance and sustainability.

Efforts are underway to spread the Silicon concept across Kenya, with initial partnerships including: Mathioya, Muranga and Maji Motto, Narok. We believe such inter-community collaboration will further our national interest in ethnic cohesion.