Our mission is to improve the living standards of communities through the construction of indispensable infrastructure starting with renovating buildings, furnishing classrooms and equipping schools with necessary materials; creating a foundation for a modern ICT center enabling quick and easy communication and knowledge pool to benefit the whole community.


The idea of this program is the brainchild of a Kenyan entrepreneur in the Diaspora, who has given back to the community and leveraged a wide range of partnerships as a result of his vision.

It all began in the year 2006 when Simba Friends Foundation, backed by funds received from the Polish Aid Program – a Polish government oriented program administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - took its first steps beyond its boundaries arriving in Sega, Kenya to implement its first African project, the renovation of Kogere Primary School. It was during this implementation that the need to update the Sega Police Post became apparent and without hesitation Simba Friends Foundation took it under its wings. Manual labor was largely provided by the village residents themselves.

Through the implementation of these first two projects, Simba Friends Foundation was able to plan further projects under the same program. A field research on the needs of Sega community revealed a strong desire for education empowered by the peoples abilities and talents. It was concluded therefore,that to achieve this provisions would have to be made to transfer professional information to the people through computer knowledge and planed workshops giving them equal chances in education and the job market thereafter.

Poverty tends obscures our view, making it difficult for us to hope for a better life but by being given good facilities and professional advise we regain reason to use of our abilities, be creative and help ourselves.