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Domain Registration

Domain registration is more than just picking a random name for your business and getting it registered.Your business name is the first impression you make with your clients. And in the digital world, that name is all in the domain. You have to make the right choice in picking the perfect name that your clients will easily remember and something relevant to your business services. But if you come up with a perfect name, it is probably already registered. You should be very decisive in your plan B and make sure you don't stray to far from your initial intention.
At SSV we will help you make the right choices in picking the name that will have the most impact in your potential clients.
You can choose to go for international domain names like .com, .info, .biz,.org depending on the geographical coverage of your business.
Kenyan domains are more marketable at the local scene and you are probably more likely to find that name you are looking for. But they are more expensive and will not be best if you want your business to be marketed beyond geographical borders.
With your domain name you'll be able to do the following: DNS management, URL forwarding and email forwarding.
Domain Price
.com,.info, .biz,.org,.net,.us,.me, .me.ke, .mobi.ke KSH1,000
.co.ke, .ac.ke, .sc.ke, .go.ke,.info.ke, .or.ke, .ne.ke KSH3,000