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Creativity as a way of life in Sega

1. Sega Fish Pond
Sega is along Nairobi, Busia road found within Ugenya in Siaya county, it is a metropolitan area where different people with different businesses live. It is a town which is developing rapidly.
This is because people take of what it offers and put in use for the development of the place.
The above is a beautiful picture which a creative man dug in order for him to sell fish for people within

2. Agriculture as a way of life

Fresh kales (skuma wikis) which are grown for sale to produce income. Kales are commonly consumed in Kenya and it’s one of the best meals many people prefer because it is cheaper.

Sugarcane is also another means of getting income in Sega though it is done in small scale farming,

Onions grown ready to be harvested and taken to the market for sale.

Agriculture is sustainable if it can attract future generation of young farmers. But it’s too unfortunate that most people prefer more comfortable life and a better source of income. Does this means that in decades to come there will be no farming done at all?
Although one of the challenges is that farming is not a glamorous and easy option to prefer but then, are there ways of doing agriculture in a more rewarding and suitable manner?
It’s high time for young people to do something about agriculture other than search for white color jobs which are few and hard to get.

Reported by Edwina Ochieng
From SSV