Our mission is to improve the living standards of communities through the construction of indispensable infrastructure starting with renovating buildings, furnishing classrooms and equipping schools with necessary materials; creating a foundation for a modern ICT center enabling quick and easy communication and knowledge pool to benefit the whole community.

Education Day held in Sirisia Primary School

Sirisia primary school is within east Ugenya location, Sihay division, within Siaya county the school started in early1980s of which it never used to perform better because of the hardship the pupils and teacher went through due to this, both parents and teachers sat down to iron out some of the issues. From then this motivated the pupils and the teachers to work hard and the results yield the most beautiful fruit hence the school organized for education day on 23rd /3/2011 to motivate and encourage the teacher to continue with the good work whereby the teachers were given various gifts. Sirisia primary school performed very well such that among 20 schools within Sihay division the school managed to become number two. The school produced a pupil who joined Starehe boys center all this is a result of a good and this proves that this school can even perform better than this because, despite all the limitations both parents, teachers and pupils go through the pupils perform good and if at all their needs are met they can perform even more better than this

However, there are some problems which thwarts the effort of the school which include;

1. Domestic violence that affect the pupils at home and at school.
2. Poor living standards being that most pupils are orphaned the situation forces them to live with their relatives who cannot support them fully but it’s just a matter of survival.
3. Sexual harassment of a girl child due to the poor life standards men take advantage of the young girls by lowering them with gifts that they cannot afford

If these problems are ironed out then the smooth path to a full success can be achieved.

Below are some photos which were taken during the graduation.

Reported by: Ms Edwina Ochieng
From SSV