Our mission is to improve the living standards of communities through the construction of indispensable infrastructure starting with renovating buildings, furnishing classrooms and equipping schools with necessary materials; creating a foundation for a modern ICT center enabling quick and easy communication and knowledge pool to benefit the whole community.

SSV Staff

Lawrence Odongo-Project Coordinator

Lawrence,(Lawi) is currently the team leader at Sega Silicon Valley community Program, Lawrence holds a Diploma in Network administration. has attained ITE I &II CCNA 1, CCNA II. He has a wide range of experience in deploying computer applications, and implementing systems as the technical coordinator.
He is responsible for:
• All Installations of internet to clients,
• Team recruitment and building,
• Ensuring all connected schools and support team are up to their tasks.
• Organizing computer classes for the community
• Ensuring the organization management system is kept safe and running
• Ensuring the curriculum is followed and finished.
• Organizing organization’s projects documentation.

Lawrence has a particular passion for guiding underprivileged community members through careful communication, teaching and assessment to work to their full potential, both individually and as a team.

He is today responsible for team management, community mobilization, gathering, processing and dissemination of relevant data, projects management at the Sega Silicon Valley Community program.