Our mission is to improve the living standards of communities through the construction of indispensable infrastructure starting with renovating buildings, furnishing classrooms and equipping schools with necessary materials; creating a foundation for a modern ICT center enabling quick and easy communication and knowledge pool to benefit the whole community.

Kogere Primary School

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Project Summary - Computers - Internet - Solar Power - Generator - Rebuilding The school started in 1981 with mud houses and slowly, basic structures of bricks cam up in the 1990s. There were only seven classrooms and classes like ECD (Nursery) and STD1 were learning outside under trees. After the 2006 renovation, the population of the school became so high ranging from 345 to 483. The population has increased due to the school’s good facilities provided by the Simba Friends Foundation. The school enjoys free use of an up to standard ICT lab that uses low power, solar powered computers made by Inveneo. It also boasts of a good 24-7 wireless internet bandwidth. The solar power is supplemented by a generator.
Kogere Primary School principal showing the Polish Ambassador entourage around the ICT Laboratory.